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LTD RPI (Research and Production Enterprise) HARTRON-ARKOS
General Designer of control systems
for rocket and spacecraft equipment of Ukraine
Yuri Mikhailovich Zlatkin
LTD RPI (Research and Production Enterprise) HARTRON-ARKOS
General Director -
Oleg Yuriyevich Zlatkin
Having inherited the traditional subject area of the RPI Hartron, the Research and Production Enterprise Hartron-Arkos is nowadays the principal and only enterprise in Ukraine creating control systems for carrier rockets and spacecrafts of various types. At this work is carried out during the whole control system life cycle: from the idea of creating till completion of operation.
Main areas of activities of the LTD RPI Hartron-Arkos:
– research and investigation activity;
– structural synthesis of control systems;
– development of principles of building, navigation methods, guidance, stabilization and movement control;
– elaboration of navigation, guidance, stabilization and movement control algorithms;
– mathematical and semi-natural simulation of control processes;
– development of on-board and technological software;
– designing, development and optimization of on-board computers, on-board and ground equipment;
– manufacturing of on-board and ground hardware and conducting independent on-ground tests;
– integration tests of control systems;
–designer-flight tests of the control system;
– designer’s technical supervision and follow-on in the process of operation of control systems.
Enterprise structure:
– scientific- theoretical divisions;
– scientific and engineering departments of integrated design of control systems;
– scientific and engineering departments of designing on-board and ground equipment;
– design and process department;
– testing divisions;
– auxiliary departments;
– administration and management staff.
LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS contributes a lot into the development and improving of various objects of rocket and space equipment. In particular, the NPP HARTRON-ARKOS has developed and implemented in operation control systems of carrier-rockets:
«Dnepr» (main designer of the carrier rocket – State-owned Enterprise «M. K. Yangel Design Engineering Bureau «Yuzhnoye»);
«Rokot» (main designer of the carrier rocket - M.V. Khrunichev State Design Research and Production Centre);
«Strela» (main designer of the carrier rocket - Open Joint Stock Company «VPK NPOMash).
Control systems for the following spacecraft have been created:
- a complex for observation of the Earth surface from the stationary orbit «Oko (eye) -1» (КА 71Х6), for remote probing of the Earth «Arkon», communication artificial Earth satellite «KUPON» (main designer of the spacecraft – Federal State Unitary Enterprise «S.A.Lavochkin Research and Production Enterprise»);
- transportation modules «Spektr» and «Priroda» of the orbital station «Mir» (main designer - M.V. Khrunichev State Design Research and Production Centre);
- functional-freight unit «Zaria» of the International space station «Alfa» (main designer - M.V. Khrunichev State Design Research and Production Centre);
- hardware of the international research project «Gamma» «Coronas-E» and «Coronas-F» (main designer of the spacecraft - State-owned Enterprise «M. K. Yangel Design Engineering Bureau «Yuzhnoye»);
- «EgyptSat-1» (main designer of the spacecraft - State-owned Enterprise «M. K. Yangel DEB «Yuzhnoye»);
- the Ukrainian micro satellite МС-2-8 (main designer of the spacecraft - State-owned Enterprise «M. K. Yangel DEB «Yuzhnoye»);
Besides that the LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS has designed:
- tank ballistic computer Т-80 against the order of A.A. Morozov Kharkov Design Engineering Bureau of Machine-Building;
- software-engineering complexes of automatic regulator of power relief and limitation, systems of industrial seismic protection for the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant;
- design and process documentation that was the basis for manufacturing and installation of information boards at railway stations of the South Railways.
Control systems for the theme «Sapsan» and control system for the carrier rocket «Tsiklon-4» (which is being created under interstate agreement between Ukraine and Brazil) are under development. Work on updating control systems of the spacecraft 71Х6, of carrier rockets «Dnepr», 11К65М, «Rokot» is going on. Work on prolongation of the service life of inter-continental ballistic missiles 15А18М and 15А35, that are adopted by the Russian Army, is continued, also designer’s supervision and follow-on of operation of carrier rockets 11К65М, «Tsiklon -2», «Tsiklon -3», «Dnepr», «Rokot», «Strela», spacecrafts 71Х6 and «EgyptSat-1» are performed.
The LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS experience is also in demand in other foreign countries. In particular, a number of contracts was signed and fulfilled for some design-engineering and research institutions of Italy and China. The essence of the completed projects was in solving problem issues of control systems for various samples of rocket and spacecraft equipment of these countries. Thus, according to the contract with the Chinese Industrial Corporation "Great Wall", the Chinese Party was provided with scientific research reports and investigation software on issues of control during launch of spacecrafts to the predetermined orbits and their return to the Earth.
According to the International agreement between A.A. Morozov Kharkov Design Engineering Bureau of machine-building, LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS and HIT (Pakistan) a base for capital repair of the tank ballistic computers has been established on the Customer’s territory. Our enterprise has developed, manufactured and supplied to Pakistan stands KIP501, KIPOP501, testing equipment, sets of special-purpose machine-tools, repair and process documentation to support repair of instruments being in operation, also Customer’s personnel has been trained.
Accomplishment of the above mentioned work allowed to completely re-equip the production facilities and to update working places in the PRPI HARTRON-ARKOS based on the modern computer equipment. As a result the enterprise has at present a unique test stand base and other technological equipment, supporting experimental optimizing of control system equipment at all stages of its life cycle.
A peculiar feature of RPI HARTRON- ARKOS products is their high science intensity. Respectively, scientific theoretical and science-engineering divisions occupy a considerable place in the structure of the Enterprise. They have highly skilled scientific cadres, among them there is even a Member of the International Academy of Navigation and Movement Control and 21 highly qualified employees having scientific degrees and titles, some of them successfully combining their production activity with teaching in higher educational establishments of the city.
In 2004 the National Space Agency of Ukraine by its decision has restored the scientific status of the RPI HARTRON-ARKOS. Recently more and more attention is paid to the issues of preparation and attraction of young specialists to the enterprise, rates of pay for them have been considerably increased, conditions for study and professional growth have been created. Social sphere is harmoniously been developed. In 2007 a conference hall and a gym were put in operation. The football team of the enterprise many times won class places among teams of the National Space Agency of Ukraine, the city of Kharkov and Kharkov oblast. The amateur troupe of the Enterprise often performs concerts, and KVN (club of the merry and witty) has been taking part for the last three years in the intersectoral Festival of KVN. Within the limits of the possible the Enterprise helps to medical assistance, treatment and health improvement of employees.
The State highly values work of our specialists.  Forty two persons have been decorated with Government awards for successful fulfillment of assignments at different times. Nine employees have honorable title of Laureates of State Prizes of the USSR, UkrSSR, Russia and Ukraine. Nine employees have honorable title of «Distinguished machine-builder of Ukraine», «Distinguished Inventor of Ukraine» and others. The title of «Honorable worker of the Space Industry of Ukraine » has been conferred on 5 employees. Four employees of the Enterprise were awarded with the medal of the Tsiolkovskiy Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia. Four employees are Laureates of the Prize named after academician V.N. Chalomey. We are doing our best to preserve the experience accumulated by our predecessors, to provide high quality and reliability of modern designs of the RPI HARTON-ARKOS.
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